Hot Tub Rules

General Instructions for use

**Please note the use of the hot tub comes with an additional charge. It will only be ready/filled with water if already arranged **

The hot tub has already been cleaned and filled with fresh water, with the fire set, just ready for you to light. Do double check it is filled, thank you.

The wood burner is at the side of the hot tub next to the flue. This is just ready for you to lit.

It can take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 hours to get up to temp depending on the outside temperature.

The fire does need to be attended to and re stocked regularly for the first 1.5 hours, using the vent underneath the fire to blast/air the fire if required.

Please leave the lid on while heating and when not in use to keep the heat and save debris getting in.

PLEASE NOT – The flue can get very hot once the fire is on, so please be aware of this. Please also check the temp before getting in especially with younger children.

There are no chemicals added , so please shower before use and clean feet to avoid the water becoming cloudy

We understand that having a hot tub in your cottage is a really special touch to your holiday experience and adds that little bit of extra indulgence to your break. We want you to have pleasurable experience relaxing under the stars and enjoying the company of friends and family. For your (and your guest’s safety), it is essential to understand and adhere to the advice and guidelines for proper use as outlined below:

Capo Cottage/Lettings take no responsibility for any accident, injury or health issue resulting from the use of the hot tub.

The hot tub is wood fired – which needs around 2 -3 hrs. To heat up from lighting the fire, winter months a little longer. You will find the fire set on your arrival, it is then your responsibility to maintain and heat as you wish.

The hot tub is chemical and chlorine free – being emptied and cleaned after every group of clients. To be kinder to the environment, skin and more hygienic. So for this reason please shower before getting in the hot tub and have footwear to getting in and out – to avoid the water and tub becoming dirty .

If upon inspection the hot tub is found to be dirty due to misuse, it may be necessary to for us to empty the hot tub and switch it off. We reserve the right to turn the hot tub off for the remainder of your stay.

Pregnant women, infant and anyone with open wounds or health conditions requiring medical care should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.

The hot tub should not be used under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or medication.

Always enter and exit the hot tub slowly, as the surface of the tub may be slippery.

Never jump in the hot tub or subject it to other unintended loads, as this may lead to personal injury and/or damage to the hot tub.

Never use the hot tub when there is a risk of thunder.

Electrical devices should be kept 2 meters away from the hot tub at all times. Never operate any electrical devices from inside the hot tub when you are wet

The bubble system is designed to cut off after a certain length of time and will reset itself when ready to be used again.

If the bubble and light buttons are submerged/ water level is covering them, they will stop until the water level is lowered.

Always keep the hot tub covered and the 4 cover straps secure when not in use. This will conserve the heat/energy, and prevent any person/animal or debris from falling into the tub.

Children under the age of 5 years old should never use the hot tub, and children under 16 years old must be supervised at all times.

Do not start the fire unless the hot tub is full of water to the designated mark (at least 15cm above the upper airflow hole)

Do not let the water drop below this level while the fire is on as this will damage the heating and bubble system - the cost to replace/repair you will be held liable for.

Do not leave the fire unattended. It requires periodic checking and refilling with logs to main a suitable temperature.

You need to make sure that any small children do not have access to the furnace/snorkel on stove (as this get very hot and may cause a serious burn).

If the weather is likely to freeze then the hot tub must be emptied unless you are using the tub and the water is hot (Capo Cottages reserves the right to empty it at any time)

If the water freezes this can damage the wood.

Children must not be left to attend to the fire – they must be supervised at all times by an adult.

The chimney/flue becomes hot along with the stove - be very careful when placing logs into the stove.

Let the fire smolder when the tub has reached an ideal temperature – as it can get rather hot if the fire is fully stocked.

Please note the maximum capacity 5-6 for each hot tub.

***** Please note the water can become cloudy and or dirty if care is not taken to shower before, as it is a chemical free tub. Should you require a change of water there is a £30 charge for this – where the hot tub is emptied, cleaned and filled with fresh water, and the fire reset. Please contact if required. Or a hose and instructions to empty can be provided if you are happy to DIY at no charge. ****